Every order is uniquely made for you, I do my very best to capture the style of arrangement, please know that flowers are dependent on seasonal availability through out the year, flowers may vary from the photos, but will always be substituted with flowers of the same colors ,equal or greater value and quality!


Kristen is named after a local flower growers wife in Tasmania, who i had the great pleasure of doing their wedding in November 2013, it was a privilege to be able to assist them with their wedding flowers, i have only met Kristen a few times but seems to have cheerful, caring , loving nature.they are a beautiful couple. Jeremy her husband that grows the flowers with his father have a high quality product and i am very proud to be able to sell their product in my business. We are very fortunate to have a grower so close that can supply my shop with flowers all year round with the challenging Tasmanian climate.


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